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What's the purpose of SÜSBİR Product Announcement and Sales Portal ?

SÜSBİR Product Announcement and Sales Portal, which was launched in early 2017 and which is one of the most important projects for the ornamental plants sector, is growing everyday by increasing the number of its members.

In the portal, where the members can access with their own username and password on their PCs or mobile devices, members can upload their products with details such as size, diameter, quantity, container conditions, container capacity and price, support it photographs and update them when necessary.

The second step was to put the portal into the use of municipalities. The municipalities in Turkey can search the plant they need by its name, by the company name or by the city on the portal, they can view who produces and sells what, the conditions and the quantities of the products and they can contact the companies when necessary.

On the portal, which is growing day by day as a new marketing channel in the ornamental plants sector, our members find the opportunity to sell their products with minimum expenses to all over Turkey for now.

The portal is developing everyday with the demands of its members